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MFTurbo-Energy: Energy Saving for IoT Gateways

MFTurbo-Energy: Energy Saving for IoT Gateways

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A smart relay with web-based power management and machine learning of the LoRaWAN uplink schedules 

Download MFTurbo-Energy-Data-Sheet.pdf here


  • The MFTurbo-Energy supports web-based power management for LoRaWAN gateways, attached batteries, solar panels and auxiliary devices
  • The MFTurbo-Energy allows a user to create power management profiles that can achieve average power consumption of less than 500mW without missing important uplinks
  • The MFTurbo-Energy can reduce by up to 80% the size of the solar panel and battery required to run your LoRaWAN gateway off-grid
  • The MFTurbo-Energy reduces the carbon footprint of your LoRaWAN gateway
  • The MFTurbo-Energy allows your LoRaWAN gateway to run off-grid in the remotest and lowest-light conditions on Earth
  • The MFTurbo-Energy supports all popular LoRaWAN gateways and LoRaWAN sensors
  • The MFTurbo-Energy contains two independent relays capable of switching LoRaWAN gateways and associated equipment (max 1A, max 50VDC, max 30W)
  • The MFTurbo-Energy is powered from wide-ranging DC input (9-36VDC)
  • The MFTurbo-Energy consumes less than 150mW in sleep mode
  • The MFTurbo-Energy is supplied with screw terminal blocks for easy wiring
  • The MFTurbo-Energy is small and light and supplied in a DIN-rail format that is perfect for IoT enclosures
  • The MFTurbo-Energy is self-configuring and easy to integrate into existing IoT architectures
  • The MFTurbo-Energy contains a built-in Real-Time Clock (RTC) for highly accurate timekeeping
  • The MFTurbo-Energy uses the LoRaWAN gateway to communicate with the cloud
  • The MFTurbo-Energy communicates with the LoRaWAN gateway using Wifi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
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Use Case: Arctic Ocean - December - Daylight Hours: 33 mins: LoRaWAN Gateway still working

The MFTurbo-Energy operating as a smart relay with web-based power management and machine learning of the LoRaWAN uplink schedules gives a 76% reduction in battery size and solar panel array for a LoRaWAN Gateway operating through the winter in the Arctic Ocean. Read the power consumption analysis here

Power spreadsheet

Web Power management of a LoRaWAN Gateway and auxiliary devices

Using the MFTurbo's online API and UI web management portal allows users set and change a remote LoRaWAN Gateway's sleep cycles and the power management of two auxiliary devices. The MFTurbo-Energy ensures whichever profile is set, no important sensor updates are missed and all sensors continue to operate.