MF400 - LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway with solar power

MF400 - LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway with solar power

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LoRaWAN Frequency Region

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Note: Inmarsat Satellite terminal and airtime sold seperately, please contact MinFarm for local pricing plans here


- LoRaWAN Gateway for remote locations with no cellular or energy grid coverage.

- Low satellite airtime costs

- Global coverage with the Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite network (Note: Inmarsat Satellite terminal and airtime sold seperately, please contact MinFarm for local pricing plans here)

- Runs continuously off single 80W solar panel

- Compatible with all COTS LoRaWAN sensors

- Water and rain proof (IP-67)

- Cloud based interface and API for remote LoRaWAN configuration (No field visits required for reconfiguration)

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Remote IoT use case: Restoration of Peatland

Peatlands are among the most carbon-rich ecosystems on Earth. Learn how MinFarm is working with an amazing team of partners to deliver a remote IoT solution that is helping perserve and restore them in Northern Scotland off grid and far from cellular coverage.

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Agriculture Use Case ROI

Typical benefits to a grower using
this system to optimise irrigation
decisions would include:
• Reducing yield losses by
underwatering: correct water
management makes a major
contribution to optimal yield and
crop quality. On a typical field of
soybeans in the USA this system
could help prevent losses of up
to $50,000 in a single season1
• Reduced time and cost of
monitoring fields: using this
system reduces the requirement
for a person to visit a field to
monitor conditions. In a typical
scenario this could easily
amount to savings of between
$2-400 per season

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Agriculture Use Case: Satellite airtime cost

3USD per sensor per month over the Inmarsat Isat Data Pro satellite service

The Inmarsat IsatData Pro service supports low cost low power terminals, that are easy to deploy on land, mobile and maritime environments. Typically used with single M2M sensors, the MF400 can nonnect over 100 LoRaWAN sensors to the internet using its data acceleration protocol. Read how the MF400 provides dramatically reduced satellite airtime costs compared to an off the shelf LoRaWAN Gateway with its inbuilt data acceleration technology.

Satellite data usage

Agriculture Use Case: Installation

Requirement: Remote Soil mositure monitoring of 100 acre field

  • An easy to install kit that attaches securely to a single pole inserted into the ground
  • A solar panel less than 80W
  • 3 day autonomous operation from a small and light battery to handle winter storms
  • Satellite backhaul
  • The LoRaWAN sensors report once every 15 mins, but the sampling rate required by the application is one uplink every hour
  • 20 LoRaWAN sensors are deployed

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Feature: Manage your satellite billing online.

The MF400 LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway comes with an easy to use web portal for monitoring and limiting satellite airtime costs in real time. An extremely useful tool during the testing phase and OpEx modelling for large deployments, and essential during production phase deployments.